Kulim Avenue

Kulim Avenue is one of the MBAS JAYA Project, the project developing are 30 acres of commercial development consisting of shop offices, hawker center and a 4 star hotel known as Kulim Avenue and 424 acres of mixed residential development known as Kulim Utama. Both the development areas are approximately within one kilometer radius. Commercial settled brands such as KWSP, Bank Islam, Old Town White Coffee, Subway, Al-iKhsan Sport, 7-11 eleven, Medical Clinic, Chantiqa SPA, Travel Agent.

House Type : 2 Storey (intermediate) and 3 Storey Shop Office (corner)

Land : 1,540 - 1,760 sqft

Build-Up : 2,926 - 5,126 sqft

Tenure : Bumi Lot & Freehold

Features : 4 - 6 Bathroom

Selling Price : from RM 480,000.00 before GST

Kulim Avenue Details:

Location: Kulim Hi-Tech Park

Total Shop Let: 201 Unit 

Shop Office Type: Double / Triple storey terrace

Land Size: 22’ x 70’ & 22’ x 80’

Buil-up Side: 22’ x 55’ ground floor + 22’ x 70’ second/third floor

Car Park: Free!


Near By Amenities & Attraction:

5 minutes – car:

  • Politeknik Kulim
  • Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute
  • JPJ Kulim
  • Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
  • Downtown Kelang Lama
  • Mini Stadium Keladi
  • Hospital Kulim
  • Bank Islam


10 minutes – Car:

  • Public Bank Kulim
  • Hong Leong bank Kulim
  • Kulim Morning Market
  • Pizza Hut Kulim
  • Kulim Morning Market
  • Kulim Golf Club


15 minutes – Car

  • Giant Shopping Mall, Kulim Landmark Centre
  • C-Mart Shopping Mall
  • Tune Hotel
  • Kulim The Store
  • Minat Shopping Mall
  • KFC Kulim
  • Nasi Kandar Nasmir
  • Old Town Kulim
  • Mc Donald Kulim
  • Kapitan Restaurant
  • Old Town White Coffee
  • Hotel Malaya Kulim 


20 minutes – Car:

  • Tesco Kulim


Benefit for business here! Kulim Avenue:

  • Floating Populations 

There are largest floating populations in and out from Kulim High Tech Park! It’s every day start from morning until night! But not only Kulim Hi-Tech Park only, Kulim down town also! In the Kulim have more then 300,000 populations! 


  • Physical Business locations

Kulim Avenue is located in the entrance of Kulim Hi-Tech Park, nearby is Kulim Hospital, few University and College, and Hyper Market or Shopping Center such as Giant, The Store, Tesco, C-Mart and Minat, and this will effect and let Kulim to be High floating population and also business crown. The location of Kulim Avenue is simple and easy to promote and grow up in the situation. 


  • Business District

You are won’t be worry if you want to start your business here! Kulim is a city in the state of Kedah, there are a lot of kind business here, from interior design, furnishing, kind of industrial factory until  to government business registrations center or office are all set up in Kulim. You are no need running to Alor Star or Penang also can easy establish your business.  Few famous Bank also are set-up their branch here like Maybank, Public Bank, Bank Islam, Hong Leong Bank, Bank Simpanan Malaya, also CIMB.


  • Transport Facilities

Kulim Avenue are faces main road Kulim to Lunas to Padang Serai, Kulim-Butterworth BKE Highway, Kulim To Mahang, Kulim to Bukit Mertajam, Kulim to Juru, locations perfect and great! 


To Butterworth/Juru: 30Min

To Bukit Mertajam: 20Min

To Lunas: 15Min 


Ground Floor : RM 2,500 – RM 3,000/Unit

1st Floor : RM 1,100 – RM 1,200/Unit

2nd Floor : RM 800/Unit


2 to 3 years Tenancy Agreement!

If you wish to be more longer tenancy with more shop office to large your business, please discuss with us for get more benefit!

So what are you waiting for? Come to join us! 

Kulim Avenue is Waiting for you!

Kulim Utama II

A distinctive Kulim Hi-Tech Park project, it is situated at a prime location of Kulim Utama II, besides the Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah. Few kilometres away are the Kulim town, school, business district, bank and numerous shops & car sale/service centers. Tesco Mall, Giant & McDonald outlets are 15 minutes' drive away.

The project is freehold land, comprising of 52 unit double storey terrace houses and open space area, to achieve best-in-class, quality-controlled finishes and comfortable living lifestyle. Prices range from RM388,000.00, these 2-s terrace houses are excellent value for money compared to stay or invest in Kulim Hi-Teck Park.

Houses ideally suited for young families with parents seeking a safe, clean air and peaceful ambiance.

Kulim Utama II, Your Dreams house.

2 Storey Terrace: 122 Unit

Land Size: 22' x 70'

Build Up Area: 1716 sqf

5 minutes - car:

  • Politeknik Kulim
  • Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute
  • JPJ Kulim
  • Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
  • Downtown Kelang Lama
  • Mini Stadium Keladi
  • Hospital Kulim
  • Bank Islam

10 minutes - Car:

  • Public Bank Kulim
  • Hong Leong bank Kulim
  • Kulim Morning Market
  • Pizza Hut Kulim
  • Kulim Morning Market
  • Kulim Golf Club

15 minutes - Car:

  • Giant Shopping Mall, Kulim Landmark Centre
  • C-Mart Shopping Mall
  • Tune Hotel
  • Kulim The Store
  • Minat Shopping Mall
  • KFC Kulim
  • Nasi Kandar Nasmir
  • Old Town Kulim
  • Mc Donald Kulim
  • Kapitan Restaurant
  • Old Town White Coffee
  • Hotel Malaya Kulim

The 1Malaysia Housing program (PR1MA) will be expanded to Kulim Hi-Tech Park in a bid to ensure that the target to build 20,000 affordable houses under the PR1MA scheme in Kedah will be achieved. PR1MA has been deciding 711 unit affordable houses would be built at two locations in Kulim Hi-Tech Park with the cooperation from the Kulim Development Authority - Mbas Jaya Sdn. Bhd.

2 Storey Semi-D Floor Plan

Land Size: 30' x 75' Build Up Area: 1,773 sqft


2 Storey Semi-D Floor Plan

Land Size: 30' x 75' Build Up Area: 1,773 sqft


2 Storey Terrace Floor Plan

Land Size: 22' x 70' Build Up Area: 1,785 sqft


2 Storey Terrace

Land Size: 22' x 70' Build Up Area: 1,785 sqft


Single Storey Semi D Floor Plan

Land Size: 30' x 75' sqft


Single Storey Semi D

Land Size: 30' x 75' sqft


Single Storey Terrace Floor Plan

Land Size: 20' x 70' Build Up Area: 898 sqft


Single Storey Terrace

Land Size: 20' x 70' Build Up Area: 898 sqft


Launched Kulim Perdana luxurious bungalow 2 and 2.5 stories, come with private courtyard with relax area spacious.
The 2 stories bungalow land size 49'6'' x 63'3'' and 2.5 stories bungalow land size 65'1'' x 86'1'', covers built up area maximum to 3,633sqft. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and you will find a luxurious bathroom decor with modern design.
Free front space for 2 car garage, the bungalow is built with good quality materials. Branded floor and wall tiles to all area. The location near in Kulim Town, and near natural and hill view.
Kulim Perdana located at Kulim Hi-Tech Park, and just only 5 - 10 minutes close with shopping and entertainment such as shopping mall, night market local market and convenient stores. During pre-sales: Starting at RM 880,880.00