• To be an outstanding property developer.


  • To deliver perfect house to our customers.
  • To become listed company.
  • To be the employer of choice.
  • To create a great prosperous for every town


  • Strengthen financial position with effective deployment of capital.
  • Develop innovative and superior products.

MBAS JAYA SDN BHD was incorporated on the 31st May 2004. The company has an authorized capital of RM 500,000.

MBAS JAYA is currently developing two different areas simultaneously which are, 30 acres of commercial development consisting of shop offices, hawker centre and a 4 star hotel known as Kulim Avenue and 424 acres of mixed residential development known as Kulim Utama. Both the development areas are approximately within one kilometre radius. These developments site are both located with Kulim Hi-Tech Park being developed by Kulim Technology Park Corporation Berhad (KTPC) totalling to an area of over 3000 acres.

Now Kulim Utama phase 2 is started on 2014 and still keep going and update to provide more comfortable residential in Kulim Hi-Tech Park